Chapter 15 First Impression

To be honest, I have never heard of Change Direction campaign. That is the first weakness of the campaign. If I had never heard of it, it is not getting enough attention. But, having congressmen and psychologists involved is a very good thing. Congress has a lot of followers, so it is vital that they provide correct information to the public. It is also good that Michelle Obama is involved as well because she has a lot of pull with previous campaigns focused on health issues. Another strength of the campaign is they provide information to resources to get help for illnesses. That is huge because not everyone is aware of how to get help, especially those with unsupportive parents. I think college students should be involved in the campaign, but I am not sure they would. The point of the campaign is to destigmatize mental health illnesses and treat them like physical health issues. At Etown, I have found that a lot of students are not quite there yet. I think Etown needs to broadcast more mental health awareness, especially now that May is mental health awareness month. Etown should encourage students to say their mental health journey. I would be glad to share mine because it shows that there are more mental health options. A step I think Etown should take to broadcast symptoms of mental illnesses is to put it in a SWAG emails, canvas notifications and posters. I feel that the “toilet talks” they do are ineffective because they are not always changed right away. Broadcasting symptoms on multiple platforms are important because not all college kids are checking emails, canvas, Jays app, posters etc. Multiple platforms will reach more students.

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