Ch. 7 First Impression

I agree with Skinner’s assertion of operant conditioning is a powerful influence on free will. Humans have always been social creatures and surrounded by other influences. The minute we are born, we are under everyone else’s influence. Children are influenced by parenting styles, parent opinions, education, tv shows and books read to them at night. I believe that children are raised to be conditioned to the world views and rules. They are very vulnerable when they are infants and throughout development. That is nature. And as they are conditioned through parenting and other influences, they learn doing chores leads to cookies and biting leads to timeouts. The conditioning either sticks with them for the rest of their life or they choose to rebel against it. Either way, they are influenced to be on either of those paths. I personally have always grown up with my father teaching me that we are all conditioned to be the perfect citizens. He says that society always pushes you into society’s wants. Society wants to you to pay taxes, get married, have kids, own a house and buy stuff you might not need. Since I was raised with that viewpoint, I was influenced by parenting. I also feel influenced by my education and social media. I graduated from a school district that stressed going to college since I was seven. Social media influences all of us to want perfect picture lives and bodies have to be thin. Why are we conditioned to want these things?


One thought on “Ch. 7 First Impression

  1. Hi Victoria!

    Your take on free will is very interesting. You are right that we are influenced by those who raise us and who generally surround us, and these environments and people offer their own rewards or punishments as a way to shape our behavior. These rewards and punishments do indeed play a role in the decisions we make, which is why the question of free will is so relevant. If we are shaped by others and society as a whole, then it becomes harder to discern whether our own goals and behaviors are an act of autonomy or a result of our operant conditioning.

    A very thoughtful first impression!


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